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How often do I change the ball cage?

Generally speaking, there is no accurate standard for how often the cage should be replaced, but if the cage is broken, it should be replaced at any time, as this affects the normal use of the entire vehicle transmission system.

The automobile ball cage is divided into an inner ball cage and an outer ball cage, also known as a "constant velocity universal joint.". The main function of the ball cage sleeve is to prevent dust from entering the ball cage and prevent lubricant loss within the ball cage. Damaged shafts can cause dry grinding, and in severe cases, they can lead to scrapping of the axle shafts. Therefore, routine inspections must be carried out. So the question arises, why do cars always have bad outer cages?

In fact, the outer ball cage of the front wheel of a car is still very durable under normal lubrication. The manifestation of damage is generally excessive wear. There are two reasons for excessive wear. The ball cage sleeve is missing and the seal is not tight. The main reason is that the rubber protective sleeve is damaged. Once the rubber protective sleeve of the ball cage is damaged, within three months, the ball cage will be scrapped.

Ball cage accessories are actually inexpensive and have similar durability. The difference lies in the rubber protective sleeve. The service life of the car ball cage universal joint basically depends on the service life of the protective sleeve. The service life of the ball cage sleeve also depends on the process and material, and ultimately will be reflected in the price. Therefore, it is important not to try to buy accessories cheaply, otherwise it will only be you who have to worry in the end.

The ball cage protective covers of automobiles are generally relatively durable. Once damaged, the repaired ball cage protective covers typically have a service life of 2 to 3 years. If the original ball cage is damaged, cracks may appear in about a year. If you buy a non original accessory, it is recommended to inspect the ball cage within three months. Generally, the ball cage can be seen from the top to the bottom by opening the engine cover.

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