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Car cage cover maintenance should not be ignored, then how long to replace it? Preventive replacemen

Rubber has a service life, so rubber parts have become the most aging parts on the car, and they are replaced frequently. The most typical example is the tire, which has to be replaced every 3-5 years. There are also typical examples on the engine, such as valve oil seal and engine foot rubber. If the valve oil seal is not changed for a long time, the vehicle will inevitably burn engine oil.

Valve oil seal

There are also many rubber parts used in the automobile chassis, among which the ball cage sleeve is one of them. Many car owners are troubled by the ball cage oil leakage, which can be seen from the data of the repair vehicles in the garage. There are not a few vehicles coming to repair because of the half axle ball cage oil leakage.

The ball cage covers of some vehicles are seriously damaged, and most of the black grease in them has been thrown out. They all came to the garage for inspection because of the serious abnormal noise of the chassis. General vehicles are driven in different ways. For example, there are usually 4 or 8 ball cages represented by the previous four-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheel drive vehicles. There is an inner and outer ball cage at both ends of the half shaft. Each ball cage is protected by a rubber sleeve, which can prevent dust, moisture and other particulate impurities from entering the ball cage and prevent the leakage of lubricating grease.

Do not underestimate this rubber sleeve. Most of the problems of the ball cage are related to it. When the rubber sleeve is broken, the internal lubricating grease will be dried, and the external particle impurities and moisture will easily enter. The ball cage will be damaged due to dry grinding. At this time, the problem is serious. It costs about 100 yuan to replace the ball cage cover. If the ball cage is damaged, it will cost hundreds or even thousands of yuan to repair. Because the ball cage is worn out, it usually needs to be replaced together with the half shaft when going to the garage. Replacing the half shaft involves removing the gearbox, which will obviously be more troublesome.

When the ball cage sleeve is aged, the ball cage sleeve can be replaced directly. Generally, it only needs several steps, such as knocking down the ball cage or removing the half shaft, removing the bearing, replacing the sleeve and fixing clip. The process is simple and the price is cheap. However, if the aging of the cage cover is left unchecked, it may require more than 10 times the maintenance cost. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the rubber sleeve of the ball cage in a preventive manner. Do not wait until there is an abnormal noise, because the ball cage may have been injured when there is an abnormal noise.

There are two different reference points for the preventive replacement of the cage cover. First, for old vehicles with a mileage of more than 100000 km, the chassis should be regularly observed and the cage cover should be replaced immediately if it is found damaged; The other way is the safest, that is, after the vehicle has run for 100000 kilometers, directly replace all the cage covers to eliminate all hidden dangers.

Replace the ball cage

In other words, the preventive replacement of the cage cover should be based on the vehicle running over 100000 km, that is, if the cage cover has been used for more than 100000 km, it should be regularly observed or directly replaced.

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