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Harm of counterfeit auto parts

For car owners, nothing is more important than the health of the car, so what waxing, glaze sealing are all expensive, but often neglect the basic maintenance of the car. Many car owners like to repair the car in repair places such as auto parts city, but do not know that if they carelessly use counterfeit parts, they will cause serious damage to the car, the following Taizhou Delivery Machinery is limited. The company will introduce to you some common differences in quality and performance between genuine and fake parts.

Air filter

There is little difference between real and fake parts in appearance, but there is great difference in performance.

(1) From the point of view of filtering performance, the filtering performance of pure brand parts is about 10 times higher than that of counterfeit parts.

(2) From the dimension point of view, pure brand parts are more in line with the specifications required by vehicles than counterfeit parts.

(3) In terms of service life, the service life of pure brand parts is 2 times longer than that of counterfeit parts.

Harm: Long-term use of counterfeit air filters will cause a large amount of dust into the engine, causing serious damage to the engine.

Brake pads

(1) Performance comparison: After the experiment, the brake distance of the car with fake brake pads is 30% longer than that with pure brake pads.

(2) Comparison of heat resistance: The fake brake pads have bad heat resistance, which results in the friction pads falling off from the metal plate at high temperature for a long time, which affects the braking effect.

Harm: Brake pads are the most important parts to ensure human safety. If using counterfeit brake pads, it is likely to cause braking failure in driving, unable to control the speed and bring serious consequences.

Spark plug

(1) Thermal conductivity: From the point of view of the central electrode of spark plug, the central electrode of pure brand spark plug is made of copper material, which can achieve the best thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of counterfeit spark plug is much worse than that of pure brand parts.

(2) Heat resistance: The heat resistance of pure spark plug is 2 times higher than that of counterfeit spark plug through heat resistance test.

Harm: Long-term use of counterfeit low-quality spark plugs is likely to lead to electrode melting and engine damage.

As consumers can not recognize the obvious difference between counterfeit parts and pure brand parts from the appearance, so when choosing parts, you must go to the designated distributor to buy pure brand parts, so that you can use them safely and drive safely!

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