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How to judge whether the brake pads should be replaced

Traffic safety has always been the most concerned topic of owners, especially now more and more cars, if you drive a little carelessly at ordinary times, it is likely to lead to a major accident. Especially when running at high speed, the speed of getting on the car at high speed is very fast. When driving, the car owners must concentrate on driving, and must not be careless. Therefore, many car owners say that running high speed is really a very tiring thing.

For the car, the performance of the good or bad effect is not too big, may not be accelerated when the blood spray back feeling, even in full load state climbing will feel a little laborious. But the importance of some parts on the car can not be neglected, such as the brake pads which play a very important role in the brake system, time will definitely involve replacement. So, how to judge whether the brake pads should be replaced? Old Driver: There are three ways to do it easily!

First, listen to the sound of the brake. If you can hear the scream of the friction between iron and iron when you brake lightly, it means that the brake pads have to be replaced. In fact, from the principle of the brake pad, we can also know that at this time the brake pad has actually rubbed directly with the brake pad, exceeding the limit of use, if not replaced in time, it is likely that the brake failure will occur. In addition, while replacing the brake pads, the owners should also check the brake disc to see if the brake disc is also worn. If the brake disc is also worn seriously, in case the brake disc should be replaced together.

Secondly, you can check the thickness of the brake pads. The brake pad is made of a certain thickness, and with constant use of friction, the thickness will continue to decrease. Owners can check the thickness of the brake pads. Generally speaking, the thickness of the new brake pads is about 15 mm, and the maximum wear limit is about one third. That is to say, if the brake pads wear down to only 5 mm, it must be replaced at this time. In addition, due to the relative friction between the brake pads and the brake discs, the wear of the brake pads is serious. At the same time, the owners should also check that the brake discs are beyond the wear limit.

The last point is relatively difficult, requiring the owner to feel, that is, to see the brake travel and foot feel at the same time, many old drivers do the same. When the brake pad is used for a long time, the response of the brake system after stepping on the brake will be slow, and the force required for the brake will become smaller, giving the impression that the brake can not be braked. In addition, in addition to brake pads need to be replaced, car owners also need to check the brake oil regularly, so as to ensure that the normal driving time is safe!

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