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The difference between the outer and inner cages of automobiles

Difference: the inner ball cage is connected to the differential part of the gearbox, and the outer ball cage is connected to the wheel part. The function of the outer ball cage is the function of the outer ball cage whether it is the power output or the vehicle turning.

The ball cage, also known as "constant velocity universal joint", is an important part of the car transmission system. Its function is to transfer the power of the engine from the transmission to the two front wheels to drive the car at high speed.

Cage, also known as "constant velocity universal joint", is an important part of the car transmission system. Its function is to transfer the power of the engine from the transmission to the driving wheel and drive the car at high speed.

There are many types of constant velocity joints used in cars, among which ball cage type constant velocity joint and tripod type constant velocity joint are the most widely used. They are mainly composed of sliding sleeve, three-way shaft, transmission shaft, star sleeve, cage and bell shell. Because constant velocity universal joint transmits heavy driving torque, with heavy load, high transmission accuracy, large demand and safety parts, its main parts are processed by precision forging.

Outer ball cage: the steel ball of this kind of ball cage is fixed in six windows of a cage between the star sleeve and the bell shell. The steel ball just has half of the position in the star sleeve and the bell shell, once to determine the angle of action with the universal joint. The smooth surface treatment makes the movement of the universal joint like a helical gear, and six steel balls push the star sleeve where they are respectively And the fairway in the trumpet is just to transmit torque through the steel ball rather than the teeth of the gear.

Inner ball cage (Trident type): there is no steel ball in the three ball pin type constant velocity universal joint, but three bearings with needle roller are used, which can slide in three tracks in the bell housing. It is mainly used for the inner ball cage of the four-wheel drive vehicle. It is suitable for the position of the inner ball cage with small torsion angle. It can slide inward and outward to adapt to the length change of the driving shaft when the vehicle moves.

Inner ball cage (six ball type): this kind of sliding constant velocity universal joint product has a different design concept. The torque is transmitted by the steel ball in the inclined track. The performance of the product is excellent, which is beyond the TJ type inner ball cage. However, the sliding distance is short, which can solve the problem of noise. It is widely used in four-wheel drive vehicles.

Electrical equipment e68a84e8a2ade799bee5baa631333365666264 is composed of power supply and electrical equipment. Power supply includes battery and generator; electrical equipment includes engine starting system, ignition system of gasoline engine and other electrical devices.

1. Battery: the function of the battery is to supply power to the starter, and supply power to the engine ignition system and other electrical equipment when the engine starts or runs at a low speed. When the engine is running at a high speed, the generator generates enough power and the battery can store the extra power. Each single battery on the battery has positive and negative poles.

2. Starter: its function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, drive the crankshaft to rotate and start the engine. When the starter is used, it shall be noted that the starting time shall not exceed 5 seconds, the interval of each use shall not be less than 10-15 seconds, and the continuous use shall not exceed 3 times. If the continuous starting time is too long, it will cause a lot of discharge of battery and overheating and smoke of starter coil, which will easily damage the parts.

Tire is one of the important parts of the automobile, which directly contacts with the road surface, and together with the automobile suspension to mitigate the impact of the automobile driving, to ensure that the automobile has good ride comfort and ride comfort; to ensure that the wheels and the road surface have good adhesion, improve the traction, braking and trafficability of the automobile; to bear the weight of the automobile, the tire plays an important role in the automobile People pay more and more attention to its function.

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